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Trusted Water Filter Systems in the Upper Midwest

WaterTek, your specialists in pure water solutions​

No matter how good the quality of your ingredients and the machine that you use to create the perfect meal or beverage, the key element is pure water. WaterTek’s team are specialists in custom system design, installation and maintenance for all of your pure water needs. Contact us toll-free today at (888) 423-3855


Optipure Filtration QT Systems (quick change cartridge)

Qwik-Twist style filtration system makes changing filters quick, easy & sanitary!

QT Water Filter Systems use a "Qwik-Twist" cartridge. Simply discard the cartridge and "Twist" in the replacement.

QT Advantages:

  • In-store staff can easily change filter cartridges.

  • No need to empty water from a sump or clean and sanitize before replacing the filter.

  • Turn off water, a quarter-turn to the left, pull down and remove the cartridge. Line up the 'insert' arrows, push the new cartridge into the filter head, a quarter-turn to the right and the filter is replaced. It's that simple.

  • OptiPure 'Combination' systems use all QT cartridges from beginning to end!


Optipure Filtration FX Systems (drop-in style filtration)

A drop-in style filtration system, the OptiPure FX water filter systems offer exceptional performance.

FX Advantages:

  • Replacement cartridge 'cost per gallon' is much less than with quick-change filters.

  • Generates less waste than metal or plastic quick-change filters. Only the drop-in media is discarded - the 'Green' choice.

  • Based on performance, system cost is typically less than quick-change style systems.

  • Lower cost replacement cartridges compared to the quick-change cartridges.


BWT bestmax Filter Systems

BWT bestmax is a simple, practical, all-round filtration solution developed for the diverse requirements of the food service sector. It provides superb quality water for a full coffee taste, is ideally suited for use in vending equipment and produces perfect, pure steam for ovens and combi steamers. The new High Efficiency Technology (HET) provides even more effective water optimisation, resulting in a consistently high water quality for hot and cold drinks, kitchens, bakeries and all food and baked goods.


Optipure Reverse Osmosis Systems (RO)

Scale & Corrosion are two problems associated with dissolved minerals (TDS) in water. These can be the most damaging & expensive problems with your equipment, impacting its life & performance.

Water, containing dissolved solids (ions), suspended solids, bacteria and organic matter is forced, under pressure, against the membrane surface.  Pure water molecules pass through with relative ease, while >95% of the impurities are rejected by the membrane.  Unlike 'filtration', which involves trapping and holding specific contaminants within a media, RO rejects virtually all contaminants and flushes them away to the drain.  Nothing is trapped or held by the membrane.  It is a separation process.


OptiPure QT2+MP Central Filtration System

The QT2+MP Multi-Point filter system provides a combination of filters to meet the requirements of different equipment applications including cold beverages, ice and coffee.  The system includes four Quik-Twist cartridges. The first cartridge is a 5 micron QT sediment prefilter, followed by two ‘primary’ cartridges that reduce sediment down to 0.5 micron and reduces chlorine, taste & odor at a flow rate of 4.5 gpm for 45,000 gallons. The fourth cartridge is a ‘secondary’ filter that provides added scale protection with IsoNet for ice machines and coffee brewers.

Combination and Multi-Point Applications - For use with multiple equipment applications where combined filtration technologies are needed to provide filtered water for different types of equipment including fountain and cold beverages, ice machines and coffee brewers.


Pentair Everpure ®

WaterTek carries the full-line of Everpure Food Service water filtration systems, equipment and replacement cartridges.


3M® - Cuno Water Filtration Products

A leader in water filtration is now part of the 3M family of quality products. Cuno offers unique solutions for Food and Beverage and Commercial Foodservice application

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